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Kids Corner: Holiness (Drama Show)

07.11.15 | Matt Jackson

There are a lot of things that can distract us from what really matters, and during the first drama show of the summer, the gang talks about what we should stay focused on.

Faith Under Fire- Kicking Military Chaplains Out of The Military

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage in all 50 states, activists are now asking for military chaplains who believe in marriage between one man and one woman to step down from their post.

Hometown Heroes- Mike & Kirsten Dreps

07.08.15 | Bill Price

Today's Hometown Heroes are Mike & Kirsten Dreps of Liberty, PA. Both will be biking 65 miles to raise awareness about diabetes.

Pet Pointers- Dog Bites

07.07.15 | Bill Price

Today Dr. Rebekah Frost at the Dunkirk Animal Clinic in Dunkirk, NY talks about how to prevent your dog from biting someone, and what you should do if they do.

Got A Minute- Dig Deeper!

07.07.15 | Steve Smith

Sometimes we settle for an easy fix.

Kids Corner: Freedom

07.04.15 | Matt Jackson

Happy Independence Day! Join the gang this week as they discuss what it means to be free... (and what it doesn't)

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