Family Life Podcasts

Faith Under Fire- Boy Scouts And The Gay Rights Movement

06.04.15 | Sarah Harnisch

The president of the Boy Scouts of America said it was "unsustainable" to continue a ban on gay scout leaders. Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Evangelical Society, takes a closer look at what impact this will have on the future of scouting.

Inside Out- Teens and the Internet

06.03.15 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Advances in technology and easy access to the internet put teens at a disadvantage, but parents can help, according to Dr. Kathy Koch, author of “Screens and Teens.”

Got A Minute- The Power of the Word!!!

06.02.15 | Steve Smith

The Word is powerful, even to a burglar.

The Average Joes- Exterior Painting

06.01.15 | Bob Price

Joe Sliwa and Joe Prunier have advice this week on exterior painting, including prep work,safety tips and clean-up

Kids Corner: Temptation

05.30.15 | Matt Jackson

The first in a 2-week special! When it comes to commitment, Zach is tempted to shirk on his responsibilities, and Ashley does her best to keep him accountable.

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