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Family Life Report 3-13-16

04.13.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 4/13/16

What's Your Walk Up Song?

04.13.16 | Family Life Mornings

What's the song that pumps you up, and gets you ready for the day? Here are some great ideas that were shared with us on Family Life Mornings. If you're ever a professional baseball player, use this list for the best Walk Up Song!

Family Life Report 4-12-16

04.12.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 4/12/16

Got A Minute- It's good to get older!

04.12.16 | Steve Smith

Remember the days when you felt good, physically?

Family Life Report 4-11-16

04.11.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 4/11/16

Kids Corner: Spring Sharathon 2016

04.09.16 | Matt Jackson

It's time for Sharathon, and Mr. Jacobs' radio is on the fritz again. As the kids wait for him to fix it, they listen to Family Life's progress and ask some important questions about giving to ministries.

Got A Minute- God is a math teacher and doorman.

04.05.16 | Steve Smith

I have proof that God is good at math and is a great Doorman.

Family Life Report 3-5-16

04.05.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 4/5/16

Family Life Report 4-4-16

04.04.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 4/4/16

Kids Corner: Finding Peace

04.02.16 | Matt Jackson

Peace is something that people look for a lot, but what makes things peaceful? Find out this week as Mr. Jacobs explains what peace really is... and how to find it in all sorts of situations.

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