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Got A Minute- Does God want you to be rich?

02.16.16 | Steve Smith

"Does God want everyone to be rich?"

Family Life Report 2-16-16

02.16.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/16/16

Family Life Report 2-15-16

02.15.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/15/16

Kids Corner: Who Deserves Love?

02.13.16 | Matt Jackson

What would you do if you were told you had to give a valentine to someone you really didn't like? More importantly, what does God want you to do? Find out this week as the Gang learns about a little thing called love.

Laura Story Drops By and Sings

02.12.16 | Sonny Delfyette

Family Life is honored to host Laura Story for three SOLD OUT concerts this Valentine's Day weekend. Laura stopped by the studio to chat.

Family Life Report 2-12-16

02.12.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/12/16

Family Life Report 2-11-16

02.11.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/11/16

Family Life Report 2-10-16

02.10.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 2/10/16

Got A Minute- Honesty and Integrity

02.09.16 | Steve Smith

God is looking for people who represent Him with honesty and integrity.

Family Life Report 2-9-16

02.09.16 | Randy Snavely

Family life Report 2/9/16

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