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Fall Sharathon 2016: Todd Smith

10.13.16 | Family Life

Todd Smith is the lead singer of Selah and now has a solo project. His song "There's A Light" is our 2016 Fall Sharathon Theme Song. He shares about the passion he has for Family Life--especially for our recent expansion into Syracuse and Central New York.

Fall Sharathon 2016: Chris Tomlin

10.13.16 | Family Life

The 20th studio album for Chris Tomlin comes out 10/21. He shares about the impact of Christian radio stations like Family Life on his ministry.

Fall Sharathon 2016: Britt Nicole

10.13.16 | Family Life

Over the years, Britt Nicole has had many changes in her life. Now a wife and mom, she still sings her heart out for Jesus. She shared about the impact that stations like Family Life have had on her career.

Fall Sharathon 2016: Greater Vision

10.12.16 | Family Life

Over the years Family Life has hosted several Greater Vision Concerts. Rodney Griffin shares about the impact it has had on their music ministry.

Fall Sharathon 2016: Doug Jones

10.12.16 | Family Life

Doug Jones is Pastor of New Hope Wesleyan Church in Hornell, NY. He shared about how Family Life works with local churches to impact communities for Christ.

Fall Sharathon 2016: Brandon Heath

10.12.16 | Family Life

Brandon Heath has been making Christian music for years. He shared what impact Christian radio like Family Life has had on his ministry and also explained when it's appropriate to play Christmas music.

Fall Sharathon 2016: Denny Krajacic

10.12.16 | Family Life

Denny Krajacic is pastor of Community Alliance Church in Butler, PA shared with us about the impact of Family Life on his church body.

Got A Minute- How much is a fraction of a penny worth?

10.11.16 | Steve Smith

Money can be so tight that sometimes all you have is a fraction of a penny.

Family Life Report 10-10-16

10.10.16 | Rick Snavely

Family Life Report 10/10/16

Kids Corner: It's Not Working!

10.08.16 | Matt Jackson

Chemistry can be really fun.... when the experiment actually does something. Join Kyle and Fern as they try to figure out what is going wrong with their chemistry set, and Mr. Jacobs explains how we need to have clean hearts if we are going to do what God wants us to do.

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