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03 Terese Talk: Esther Anderson

02.11.20 | Terese Main

Welcome to Terese Talk. Thanks for joining me for a journey through faith, fun, and family. In this episode, we'll hear from Esther Anderson, about raising daughters in this social media obsessed world. Plus, my take on the Super Bowl Half Time Show, and my experience with a meal prep plan...

037: Family Life Mornings

02.08.20 | Family Life Mornings

Have you tried starting your day with Family Life Mornings? It's a great way to get joy first thing! This week, you helped us compile a list of the Top 5 Foods We Dip, and we heard about some amazing collections.  Plus, Steve's Valentine's Haiku and why you're more likely to get sick in 2020...

036: Family Life Mornings

02.01.20 | Family Life Mornings

Family Life Mornings is a great way to start your day! This week we heard about how laundry can land you in the hospital, new kind of art, and a strange thing to do in traffic. Plus, our solar system is a snack bar. Catch up with what you might have missed!

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