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What color is the dress?

02.27.15 | Family Life Mornings

Have you seen the striped dress online? Is it blue and black or gold and white? The debate goes all the way back to 1994. Remember when Simba first met Timon and Pumba?

Freedom Airlines

02.26.15 | Family Life Mornings

You may have heard about an airline who left all the luggage off the planes? You might think of that as an inconvenience, but not if you think of it through God's eyes.

Got A Minute- No Excuse Sunday

02.24.15 | Steve Smith

Have you ever had an excuse for missing church?

Kids Corner: Waiting

02.21.15 | Matt Jackson

Waiting can be a little frustrating, especially if it's for something good to happen. Join the gang as they learn about patience and what it looks like in practice.

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