Play “Pick a Present!” over the air and win prizes!


Starting Dec. 3, listen to Family Life Mornings and Afternoons for the contest to begin! Then call us at 888-413-4156 with a number between 1 and 30. Your number will correspond to a mystery gift that we’ll “unwrap” for you over the air! 

You could win CDs, DVDs, books, and plenty of other amazing prizes. There may be a few “unusual” gifts thrown in there too!  Contest runs through Dec. 21.  

Warm up your Christmas with The Family Hour

Celebrate your Christmas season on The Family Hour with some of the most memorable and enjoyable Christmas stories of all time. 

Every weeknight at 7pm, turn off the TV and gather the family together to hear classic stories like The Christmas Child, Candle in the Window, Holding Heaven, All About Christmas, and more. 

Family Hour Program Schedule

Help give the gift of ad-free Christmas music

Nothing brings out the joy of Christmas like the songs that celebrate the birth of Jesus.

On Dec. 23-25, Family Life will present the “The 72-Hour Christmas Music Festival” – 3 days of nonstop, commercial-free Christmas music to set the stage for those special holiday memories.

If you, your company, or your church would like to help underwrite the cost of this year’s festival, please call Family Life at 800-927-9083 or fill out the order form.