Family Life in Syracuse, NY

Thanks to your prayers and support, Family Life can now be heard in Rome, Syracuse, and central New York!  Listen on 105.1 in DeRuyter, 106.3 in Oneida, 96.7 in Oswego, and 98.3 in downtown Syracuse.

President and Network Manager, Rick Snavely, says, “Over the past several years, we’ve had numerous requests to bring Family Life to the Syracuse and Central New York areas. We continually knocked, but the door didn’t open, until now. We are so grateful because people are growing more and more desperate for hope in this world. We believe Jesus Christ is that hope, and spreading and celebrating the Gospel with these communities is a service we thankfully and joyfully provide.”


School is letting out and pretty soon mom and dad will be clamoring for activities to engage the kids. Think about Vacation Bible School as an option. VBS is a great summer resource for families, and children have a fantastic time learning, playing and interacting with other Christians.

Find a VBS near you. Also listen to Family Life on weekdays for VBS info given over the air. We hope it's a great summer resource for you and your family!