Free Music Monday, March 30

Listen to Family Life all day, Monday, March 30, for a chance to win new music from a new Christian artist, Among The Thirsty. Their debut album, “Who You Say I Am” released in March and follows the radio hit, "Completely." The album is a personal reflection on the journey of hitting rock-bottom and finding God’s gift of desperation there.

“It’s a powerful song for me, because it was written out of my absolute coming to grips with who I was, the things I had done, and the people I had hurt,” shares front man, Ryan Daniel. “That was my moment of absolute rock bottom... it was hard to see the good then, but I do now.”

Spring Sharathon, April 9-11

Family Life will be broadcasting Spring Sharathon on Family Life radio stations between April 9 and 11. The event raises operating funds for the radio network, along with other ministry outreaches of Family Life. If you'd like to make a faith promise during Sharathon, call 1-800-927-9083 or go online at

Not only can Sharathon be heard on the air, but it can be seen in person. Come visit us during the three-day event at Family Life in Bath, NY. Fellowship with family and friends, watch radio personalities perform their live broadcasts, meet staff, and enjoy food and entertainment.

On Friday and Saturday, the kids' carnival opens with bounce houses, a petting zoo, face painting, nail art, balloon creations and more. Friday is “Family Night” featuring kid-friendly foods enjoyable for the whole family. Saturday is “Barbeque Day” with roasted chicken and pulled pork served all day. Listen to Family Life Spring Sharathon April 9-11 on your local station, or better yet... take a trip to come see us!

106.1 FM - Family Life in Buffalo, NY

We have exciting news! The radio network has extended its reach in Buffalo, NY with a new super translator station. 106.1 FM is now broadcasting to Buffalo, making this signal Family Life’s most powerful in the Buffalo area as it reaches nearly 1 million people!

We’re very excited about the opportunity to spread and celebrate the Gospel with many new listeners in Buffalo. It's a service we gratefully and joyfully provide as we thank the Lord for another open door to share the message of Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to try listening to Family Life for 30 days at home, work, or in your car. Discover the difference Christ-centered music and programming can have on you and your family.