Plan a special night at Family Life

Tickets for Family Life’s 2015-2016 dinner shows go on sale September 8. Choose from a host of special lunch and dinner events – craft bazaar, lively Christmas performances, Valentine’s Day concerts, even a little something for you Southern Gospel fans.

Visit Family Life’s event calendar on September 8 or after to see details about the concerts and performances on the way, including dates, times and how to purchase tickets online. It’s never too early to book a special lunch or dinner date with friends and family!

Join the Listener Advisory Panel

Our listeners are important to the work we do on the radio. They give us valuable feedback on music and radio programs on Family Life that helps us decide what to play.

If you want to help us serve our listeners in the best way possible, become a member of the Listener Advisory Panel. This group of passionate listeners receives regular surveys about our music and radio programming.

Completing the survey doesn't take long, and your answers help us improve the radio ministry and its outreach to nearly 5 million people. Find out more at

Family Life in Warren, PA

If you’ve been listening to Family Life on 91.5 FM in Warren, PA, please be aware that the signal will be down for a few months in this area while plans come together to build a stronger one.

Until then, listeners in the Warren area can continue listening to Family Life on 90.9 FM, our signal in Jamestown. Thank you for being patient as we improve the radio network!