Help us celebrate music in our schools this March!








Does your kid have talent? Prove it! Visit our Facebook page to post a video of your child's band, chorus, or ensemble performance. Or send it to us via Messenger.

Starting March 1, listen to Family Life Mornings because you just might hear your kid on Family Life!

Daily dose of encouragement for your walk with God

We need the "daily bread" of God's Word to stay strong and encouraged, especially during those hard days and difficult seasons in life. Text the word VERSE to 888-413-4156 anytime to receive a verse from the Bible sent directly to your phone.

Included with the verse is a link to Family Life's new daily devotional. It's brief, easy to understand, and provides insights into the Bible that apply to your life. Don't skip a day without nourishing your mind and heart with the truth of God's Word.