Feature Reports

Issues in Education: NY and PA are Great States for Public School Teachers

09.30.19 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr explores a new survey that shows why NY and PA are such great states for public school teachers. Hear that and more on "Issues in Education."

Capital Connection: Pot in PA / Assisted Suicide in NY?

09.27.19 | Bob Price

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer are looking out for you at the state capitals of Albany and Harrisburg. Learn more about the important issues in the news this week on "Capital Connection."

Faith Under Fire: First Amendment, Religion & Atheists – Part 1

09.26.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Today, Civil liberties attorney Craig Parshall helps us brush up on some vital freedoms put forth by our founders in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. We see how some atheists are calling for “religious” liberty.

Inside Out: Approaching Elections

09.25.19 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Dr. Meic Pearse talk about ideas Christians might keep in mind as we walk toward the 2020 presidential elections. He is an author and former honors program director and history professor at Houghton College in western New York State. Among his books is Why the Rest Hates the West.

Missions in Action: Capitol Ministries

09.23.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Capitol Ministries puts Bible teachers at state capitols to lead weekly studies. Brian Solomon is gearing up to reach out to lawmakers in Colorado, where the population has exploded.

Capital Connection: Why the Vaccine Debate Matters

09.20.19 | Bob Price

Christian watchdog Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms discusses the important issues in the news from Albany this week.

Faith Under Fire: Civil Rights vs. LGBT Issues – Part 2

09.19.19 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

As well as trying to equate race with gender or sexual choices, some LGBT activists are also strategically aiming to influence children. Focus on the Family's Glenn Stanton encourages Christians to stand up with both love and truth.

Hometown Heroes: Susan Colwell 2

09.17.19 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Ashville, New York’s Susan Colwell. For four years now, she’s led a ministry that connects prayers across the country, around the issue of drug addiction.

Issues in Education 9/16/2019

09.16.19 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr at the Teaching & Learning Institute discusses a 30-year low in public school enrollment in NY. Hear more on that and other "hot button" education issues.

Capital Connection: Early Voting, Driver's Licenses & Drew Brees

09.13.19 | Bob Price

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer talk about the issues in the news from the state capitals in Albany and Harrisburg.