Feature Reports

News Feature: Spring Safely Tips

04.29.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

There have already been a number of fatal encounters between pedestrians/bicyclists, and automobiles across New York and Pennsylvania. Traci Lynn spoke with Joe Morrissey of New York's DMV.

Faith Under Fire: Dealing With Grief

04.28.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Some of the harshest words may not come from enemies, but from Christians themselves. Pastor Rob DeMatteis lost his 3-year-old granddaughter to cancer, and sat down with our own Sarah Harnisch to explain the best way to speak to someone in pain.

Inside Out: Fear Better

04.27.16 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Worrying about the danger in the world can blind us to God’s plans for us. Amy Simpson talks about her blog post, “If We Can’t ‘Fear Not,’ Let’s Fear Better.”

Hometown Heroes: Marianne Kuzmin

04.26.16 | Bill Price

Today's Hometown Hero is Pittsfield, Pa's Marianne Kuzmin. Her organization "Love in the Name of Christ" is changing families across Warren County

Capital Connection: Primaries, Privacy, and Pot

04.22.16 | Bob Price

This week, Jason McGuire at New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Michael Geer at the Pennsylvania Family institute talk about primary elections, medical marijuana and protecting privacy rights.

Faith Under Fire: PA Family Institute's Freedom Tour

04.21.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Franklin Graham is on a tour to get Christians to vote, called the Decision 2016 tour. He'll be in Pennsylvania in September. A similar tour is happening across the Keystone state right now, put on locally, by the Pennsylvania Family Institute's Mike Geer. It's called the Freedom Tour. Family...

Real Answers: Coping with a dead end Job

04.20.16 | Bob Price

Behavioral therapist Chris Anderson talks about what you should do if you hate your job.

Hometown Heroes: Dan and Elaine Miller

04.19.16 | Bill Price

Today's Hometown Heroes are Dan and Elaine Miller from Campbell, New York. They've recently returned from war-torn Bosnia, where they're helping to restore marriages.

News Feature: Overmedicated in America?

04.18.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Nearly 60% of Americans take prescription medications. Is that too much or are we getting appropriate help? Family Life's Traci Lynn explores.

Capital Connection: Primary Day Approaches !

04.15.16 | Bob Price

Jason McGuire of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Michael Geer of the Pennsylvania Family Institute talk about what's at stake in the upcoming presidential primaries and where you can go to find out all you can about the candidates