Feature Reports

Issues in Education: Product Placement on NYS Common Core Exams

04.30.14 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr discusses the controversy surrounding product placement on state tests being taken by 3rd thru 8th graders in NY.

Inside Out 311: Those Shoe Boxes

04.30.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Samaritan’s Purse spent the first quarter of this year delivering boxes packed for children through Operation Christmas Child. We talk today about hope, school supplies, and Syrian refugees with guest Gaye Newlun.

The Safe Act Under Fire

04.29.14 | Lindsay Debach

New York's S.A.F.E Act outlines the strictest gun control laws the state has ever seen. Tune in to hear why the legislation has gun-owners concerned about their right to bear arms.

The Average Joes: Landscaping

04.28.14 | Bob Price

The Joes discuss landscaping - water drainage issues, bushes and plants, etc

A Look Behind Organic Labeling

04.25.14 | Lindsay Debach

The organic food movement is a multi-billion dollar affair for the big food industry. Farmers weigh in on why they did...or didn't.... decide to become certified organic.

Capital Connection: The Progressive Agenda in NY and Marriage Matters in PA

04.25.14 | Bob Price

Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Michael Geer of the PA Family institute weigh in on the progressive agenda being pushed in NY and the issue of marriage in PA.

Issues in Education: How Necessary is Kindergarten?

04.24.14 | Bob Price

How Necessary is Kindergarten to a child's overall academic success? Wade into the water with us and Dr. Ralph Kerr at the Teaching and Learning Institute.

Medical Marijuana

04.23.14 | Lindsay Debach

This report takes a look at the controversy surrounding the Compassionate Care Act-and similar legislation from NY Governor Andrew Como-that would legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

Inside Out 310: Mom Seeks God

04.23.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

How might you continue to feed your relationship with Jesus when you’re just learning to feed and protect your newborn? Julia Roller’s the author of "Mom Seeks God: Practicing Grace in the Chaos."

Casino Controversy

04.21.14 | Lindsay Debach

New York's Proposition One will pave the way for several new casino resorts across the state-but will it have an affect on problem gambling?