Feature Reports

Inside Out 63: Blurring The Lines?

04.15.11 | Kurt Goff

The blurring of the lines between Christianity and culture is a conversation worth having. What’s at stake here for followers of Jesus in America?

Inside Out 62: Reggie!

04.14.11 | Kurt Goff

Reggie Dabbs was born as the result of a heart-wrenching decision made by his then 16 year old mom. He knows firsthand about the despair of broken beginnings, sorrow, and regret. But God…...two wonderful, hope filled words!

Inside Out 61: God at Work in Sudan

04.13.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The people of Sudan voted peacefully in January to divide this African nation in two. Join us to learn how God has been at work in Sudan and how we can pray for its people and the process of peace. Martha's guest is Darren Hercyk, the country representative in Sudan for Catholic Relief Services.

Inside Out 60: The Obedience Option

04.12.11 | Kurt Goff

Do you ever wonder why you keep doing things you know you shouldn't? Does life sometimes feel like one constant battle between what you know you should do and what you actually end up doing?

Inside Out 59: The Next Story

04.11.11 | Kurt Goff

When it comes to living in a digital world, do Christians need to have a theology of technology? What are the implications for our faith as we navigate rapidly changing times?

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