Feature Reports

Faith Under Fire: Christians In Syria

03.12.15 | Sarah Harnisch

Earlier this month, 220 Christians were kidnapped by ISIS terrorists in Syria. There's been little or no word on their condition. Family Life morning news anchor Sarah Harnisch interviewed the President of Open Doors USA, an international ministry that cares for persecuted Christians. David...

Inside Out: Young Mothers and Fear

03.11.15 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Finding a "tribe" and a mentor can help mothers of young children battle the fear that wearies them, according to Mandy Arioto of MOPS International.

Healthy Living: Long Distance Running

03.10.15 | Bill Price

Today Diane Carozza shares some tips on how to safely train for long distance races.

The Average Joes: How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

03.09.15 | Bob Price

The Joes discuss a major issue this winter - broken and frozen water pipes. They will also discuss what to do when your pipes burst.

Capital Connection: The Wolf Budget in PA, Education Debate in NY

03.06.15 | Bob Price

Michael Geer of the Pa Family Institute has reaction to the 33.8 billion dollar Wolf Budget. Jason McGuire with NYers for Constitutional Freedoms makes sense of the education debate raging in NY.

Faith Under Fire: 50 Shades Of Grey

03.05.15 | Sarah Harnisch

Today's topic for Faith Under Fire is morality in media. We're talking about the film "Fifty Shades of Grey" today, with a group based in the Southern Tier called "Pull the Shade."

Hometown Heroes: Matthew Blake

03.04.15 | Bill Price

Today's Hometown Hero is Bradford, Pennsylvania's Matthew Blake. The area pastor is helping to collect and distribute water for those in need.

Healthy Living: Drinking Water

03.03.15 | Bill Price

Today Diana Carozza talks about the importance of drinking enough water when working out.

Issues in Education: How Do Schools Cope When They Run Out of Snow Days?

03.02.15 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr with the Teaching and Learning Institute discusses the options available to schools when they use all of their allotted snow days.