Feature Reports

Issues in Education: Getting a Handle on School Spending

02.12.18 | Bob Price

Why does public education cost so much? Dr. Ralph Kerr at the Teaching and Learning Institute talks about some practical things schools can do to cut down on costs.

Capital Connection: The Wolf Budget & Cuomo's Executive Order

02.09.18 | Bob Price

Christian watchdogs Jason McGuire and Michael Geer comment on the weighty issues in the news from the past week at the state capitals in Albany and Harrisburg.

Faith Under Fire: Persecuted Christians

02.08.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Christians are the most persecuted religious group around the globe. Cairn University’s Dr. Jonathan Master shares with Family Life listeners some instances of persecution and the history of oppression to Christ followers outlined in the Bible.

Hometown Heroes: John Hrustich

02.06.18 | Bill Price

Today’s “Hometown Hero” is Owego, New York’s John Hrustich. For the past year, his organization has been packing meals for malnourished children halfway around the world.

Washington Watch: The Nunez Memo

02.05.18 | Bob Price

Dr. Steve Coleman weighs in on the fallout from the controversial 4-page FBI memo authored by House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunez.

Capital Connection: Budget talks and Congressional Maps

02.02.18 | Bob Price

Christian activists Jason McGuire with New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms and Michael Geer with the Pennsylvania Family Institute talk about the important policy issues in the news from the state capitals of Albany and Harrisburg.

Faith under Fire: Response to Child-aimed LGBTQ Events

02.01.18 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

There are hundreds of controversial LGBTQ events being hosted around the country for children. Love and Truth Network’s Garry Ingraham helps parents wade through options for a loving response.