Feature Reports

Issues in Education: Home-based Public Schooling

02.29.16 | Bob Price

Ralph Kerr at the Teaching and Learning Institute talks about a new phenomenon in public education ....Home-based learning.

Capital Connection: Super Tuesday Reaction

02.26.16 | Bob Price

Michael Geer of the PA Family Institute and Jason McGuire of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms talk presidential politics this week and whether or not there's any stopping Donald Trump.

Faith Under Fire: Defunding Planned Parenthood

02.25.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Family Life's Sarah Harnisch sat down with Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Kelly Fedorik to discuss the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Real Answers Godly Self-esteem

02.24.16 | Bob Price

This week on "Real Answers", licensed mental health specialist Chris Anderson talks about the importance of developing a healthy and Godly self-esteem.

News Feature- A Night to Shine

02.22.16 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Delta Lake Bible Conference Center and Rome Alliance Church of Rome, NY teamed up with the Tim Tebow Foundation to celebrate folks with special needs by hosting a prom called A Night to Shine.

Capital Connection The Fate of Pa's A-G / Budget talks in Albany

02.19.16 | Bob Price

Michael Geer of the Pennsylvania Family Institute and Jason McGuire weigh in on the weighty issues in the news from the past week at the state capitals in Albany and Harrisburg

Faith Under Fire- Replacing Antonin Scalia

02.18.16 | Sarah Harnisch

Conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away suddenly last week.

Inside Out- Christians in Danger

02.17.16 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Dr. David Curry, president of Open Doors USA, talks about the most dangerous places in the world for Christians today.

Hometown Heroes- Kayla Crosby 1

02.16.16 | Bill Price

This week's Hometown Hero is Kayla Crosby of Russell, Pennsylvania. She's the owner of a new professional basketball team in Jamestown, NY that's more than just hoops... a lot more!

Issues in Education- Baseball Evangelism

02.15.16 | Bob Price

This week, Dr. Ralph Kerr talks about a college summer baseball team he founded called the Genesee Rapids and the evangelistic outreach that's happening because of it.