Feature Reports

Average Joes: Thanksgiving Special

11.25.13 | Jeremy Miller

Chef Nick joins The Joes to talk about Thanksgiving traditions and safety tips.

Family Life News Special: The State of the Church

11.25.13 | Bob Price

Family Life news investigates the state of the church in 2013. Is the church in decline and if so, what will it take to reverse the trend without compromising the gospel message?

Capital Connection: Marriage Law and Education Reform

11.21.13 | Bob Price

Jason McGuire with NYers for Constitutional Freedoms and Michael Geer with the Pa Family Institute discuss the issues in the news from Albany and Harrisburg.

Issues in Education: Data Mining and the Common Core

11.20.13 | Bob Price

Ralph Kerr with the teaching and learning institute talks about data mining and the common core.

Inside Out 296: What Millennials Want

11.20.13 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Join Dorothy Greco, author of the Christianity Today her.meneutics blog post, “How the Seeker-Sensitive, Consumer Church is Failing a Generation.”

Average Joes: Critter Control

11.18.13 | Bob Price

Joe Sliwa and Joe Prunier discuss how to get rid of mice in the home.

Capital Connection: Issues Impacting Albany

11.15.13 | Bob Price

Jason McGuire with NYers for Constitutional Freedoms discusses the issues in the news at the State Capital in Albany.

Issues in Education: Kentucky Handshakes and the Tag Ban in New England

11.14.13 | Bob Price

Dr. Ralph Kerr tackles a hodge-podge of hot button issues.

Average Joes: Leaky Sinks and Runny Toilets

11.11.13 | Bob Price

The Joe's discuss how to fix a faulty sink and runny toilet.

Capital Connection: The Fallout from the Prop One Vote

11.08.13 | Bob Price

Jason McGuire with NYers For Constitutional Freedoms and Mike Geer of the PA Family Institute discuss the issues and races that mattered on election day.