Washington Watch: Iran, North Korea, Gun Control and the Anthem Outrage

10.16.17 | Bob Price

Dr. Steve Coleman, our PH.D of politics weighs in on the hot-button issues in Washington.


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on 10.21.17 Matt DeHart commented

Why should there be compromise on the 2nd amendment? Would we be willing t ok compromise any other rights from the Bill of Rights. Would we be ok with the Fedral Gov't restricting freed ok m of speech or religion? How about a compromise to a trial by jury or unlawful search and seizure? To "comprimise" on a right that is protected in the Bill of Rights is a slippery slope. No new gun c okkntrol law would have stopped any of these mass shootings. To blame the inanimate object used in a crime for the crime would be like blaming forks for making people fat or cars for DWI accidents.