Serving Together: Western PA Prison Outreach Ministry

Western Pennsylvania Prison Outreach Ministry serves nine state and federal prisons in the state. The mission is to empower inmates to grow in discipleship and accountability through an interactive Bible study.    Another aspect of the ministry is to provide supplies for children and youth leaving shelters or detention centers in Western PA, including a backpack and supplies.   Volunteer Opportunities: -Volunteers are needed to enter the prisons to assist with new classes -Churches and individuals are needed to collect backpacks and supplies for the children and youth in shelters and detention centers, and for women in shelters. WPA Prison Outreach Ministry is a ministry of the Western Pennsylvania Conferece of the United Methodist Church. The office is located in Brookville, PA. Missionary Director: Randy Datsko 814-659-7562


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on 07.25.17 Kathy Coe commented

My girlfriends daughter is in FDC in Philadelphia.Does your ministry go there? if so, how do I get info to share with the prisoner?Kathy