Serving Together: The Vincent House

07.03.17 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Mary Jo Jacobs heads up the volunteer team at the Vincent House in Wayland, NY. Staff at the two-bedroom home for the terminally ill offer compassionate care to those (determined by a doctor) within the last three months of their lives. Care focuses on pain control, symptom relief and on meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of the resident, family and friends.

There is no charge to residents or family members. The cost of operating the Vincent House is covered by donations. Vincent House receives referrals from families, physicians, human service agencies, hospitals, and area hospices. Admission to the Vincent House is based on need. Priority is given to those who cannot receive adequate care at home. Volunteers make operation possible at the Vincent House.

Could you serve a 4-hour shift once every six weeks? More details on volunteering many be found at If you would like to volunteer at the Vincent House please email .


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