Real Answers: Toxic Masculinity

01.23.19 | Brandon Dickson

Toxic Masculinity. You've likely heard it used in mainstream media, or in a recent razor commercial, but how should Christians view it? Counselor Chris Anderson discusses the way we can see this topic through the lens of the Bible.


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on 09.04.19 Rev. Dr. Darrell Greenawalt commented

I first encountered the term Toxic Masculinity doing research for my dissertation. I understood it then and now to refer to those elements of masculinity that excuse abuse of women, both sexual and physical abuse, as well as degrading comments and behaviors that do not treat others with love and respect. I was concerned after hearing this program just now that I had misunderstood the term. Sooo I googled the term and found that even Wikipedia seems to have a similar understanding to the one I hold. This term is NOT an attempt to tell men that they can not be who God made them to be, it is an attempt to point out ways that men have allowed their sinful nature to take prominence. I am concerned that the comments made in this piece are misleading and inaccurate. I would love to dialogue with the author or at the very least to hear another perspective on this idea of the dangers of toxic masculinity. By the way I am a conservative United Methodist pastor with 30+years of pastoral experience.