Real Answers: Depression's "best friend"

12.28.16 | Bob Price

Christian therapist Chris Anderson offers some helpful advice on combating the isolation bug during the holidays. Hear why isolation is often linked to depression.


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on 12.29.16 Wendyjackson commented

How do I get out of the deep depression of loosing my mom.
It's been 10 years and it hurts so.

on 01.21.17 Christopher Anderson commented

Hi Wendy. That is a long time and I'm so sorry that you're still experiencing that. Have you had counseling for it? If not, that's a good place to start. If you have and it still isn't going away, I would suggest maintaining contact with a counselor but also realize that perhaps your grief is what we call "complicated" grief. In other words, there may be other obstacles in the way that are keeping you from being able to move past it. How is your support system? Are you plugged into a healthy church congregation? I would also look for grief support groups either through a church or a mental health agency setting. Those can be very helpful. Plus, consider doing something in memory of your mother. What interests did she have? What were her heart-felt interests? You could do something like start a memorial scholarship fund at a local high school, which would require some others to come on board and help with that. You could do a fundraiser and donate something to a church or ministry in her honor. But also, think about what she would want you to do. I am sure she wouldn't want you hurting any more. Also, remember that moving beyond the grief IS NOT forgetting your loved one. It just means that you will remember her and honor her in a healthier manner. God bless. Chris A