Real Answers: Coping with Loneliness over the Holidays

11.30.16 | Bob Price

Licensed Christian therapist Chris Anderson offers some tips for dealing with depression, anxiety, and loneliness over the holidays.


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on 12.01.16 fred commented

I like this for my step son. He need help,but nobody will help How can I learn more

on 12.01.16 fred commented

He is addict to druges

on 12.01.16 Christopher Anderson commented

Hi Fred. Thank you for reaching out. I would encourage your son to get some help. Identify any treatment programs that are close by and see if he'd be willing to be evaluated. If he is, then work with those professionals. If you still need some additional support, you may also contact FLN's Counseling Department by calling 800-927-9083. Prayers for you and your son!
Christopher Anderson, LMHC