Pet Pointers: Pet Toxins

08.26.14 | Bill Price

Today Dr. Rebecca Frost at the Dunkirk Animal Clinic in Dunkirk, NY talks about pet toxins in the house, and how to keep your furry friends safe.


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on 01.26.18 Lois Spinelli commented

Dear Dr. Frost,
I recently became aware that eucalyptus is toxic to cats. My sister has Essential Oils and was about to use this oil in her warmer, which submits the fragrance throughout the house, until she read that eucalyptus is also toxic. Does this apply to the dried variety also as I used to love decorating with it. However, I have a 1 year old kitten who would chew on anything floral related. For this reason I did not even put up an artificial tree and any arrangements used were put up way beyond her reach. Thank you for your response.