Missions in Action: Ethnos 360 Pilot

02.10.20 | Traci Lynn Woolsey

Brian & Bailey Pruett serve as missionaries in the Philippines with Ethnos 360 Aviation.


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on 02.27.20 Richard Alley commented

We have supported Brian and Bailey for several years. Our relationship with them has turned into "family" because of wonderful contact. We never actually met them face-to-face until this past August. The stopped to see us in their travels around the country on their year back home. They were "based" in California and Colorado with family so they covered a lot of distance to see us! we only had one day and overnight, but what a thrill to have them here in Pensacola, Florida. Had a wonderful time with children too. Maycie, their 11 year old, and I have had a good time sharing pictures of hobbies and whatever. I all started when Bailey sent a picture of here with the quilt she made. It has been so exciting to share through them a part in reaching the world for Jesus!