Issues in Education: Getting a Handle on School Spending

02.12.18 | Bob Price

Why does public education cost so much?

Dr. Ralph Kerr at the Teaching and Learning Institute talks about some practical things schools can do to cut down on costs.


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on 02.12.18 Jen V commented

As a future educator I do not agree at all with these plans, especially the kindergarten and preschool ones. Everything that we learn in life is based on things that are taught to us between birth and 5 years of age. Among these are social cues, manners, how to pray, how to read and write, and how to speak, walk, crawl, and run. If we take away preschool and kindergarten programs from our schools, and our nation, we will have first graders with the social capacities and communication skills of three year olds. In addition, the school district in which I live had recently downsized and underestimated the future student population. Due to this recommended downsizing to cut school spending, the children of the district are now bussed to two different elementary schools that only house certain grades two middle schools one for 7th grade and one for the lower grades and two different high schools one serving Juniors and seniors and one serving freshmen and sophomores. The students and the teachers at these schools are very confused about the change.

Also, public schools use an umbrella account accounting systems. Under this system, there are two main accounts under which all of the district's needs must fall. Building grants, teachers and administrators salaries, funds for buses and maintenance shops are under one umbrella (this one gets precedence) and library and school supplies (including gym equipment, paper, art supplies, computers, pencils, dry erase markers, educational resources and videos) are under the other umbrella account. In the state of New York alone, aa administrator working in New York City can make a minimum of $100,000 a year working at a public school. This is where most of the tax dollars going to public schools ends up, in umbrella account 1, leaving a deficit in umbrella account two. It is this deficit an umbrella account two (school supplies) that leads parents, students, and teachers spending a large chunk of out of pocket expence to provide the necessary supplies for our children's education and the future of our nation.

on 04.16.18 Tony Swierkowski commented

What’s the name of the book that tells the school system on how to cut costs and save the tax payer money Thank You