Inside Out: When Your Neighbor is Thirsty

08.01.18 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Dirty water kills more people every year than all forms of violence. That’s including war. And it’s something that we can change,” says Lisa Karr, a music teacher in the Alfred-Almond, NY school district and a former missionary in Ethiopia.

 Dirty water plays a part in keeping people poor and illiterate, making them sick, and leaving them vulnerable to trafficking. Millions live without access to clean water, and even more without adequate sanitation systems.

But here’s good news: dig a well and build latrines and you change the equation. 

 “For a community in need, clean water changes everything. Beyond health, water impacts education, safety, poverty, and it especially impacts women and children,” says Karr,

 Scott Drury has seen the impact of clean water on whole communities as part of his work with the Christian non-profit World Hope International. “Their health is better, they’re more productive, children who were missing school because they were sick—well, they’re not missing class. They’re able to participate in their educational activities,” he says. World Hope works around the world in different ways; Drury’s job is to advise the organization’s president on its clean water initiatives currently in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mozambique, and Cambodia. 

 Karr’s part of that effort. In addition to teaching music, she's the Mission Director for the Wesleyan Church's Central New York District, which is partnering with World Hope for three years to dig three wells a year in Liberia.

 New wells not only bring clean water and better health to communities in need, they open the door for conversations about Jesus Christ, the Living Water.

 “We serve a global God, with a global mission and a global heart,” she says. “And through the water well project we have the opportunity to not only tangibly help those half a world away, but to open up the door for the truth about Jesus to be spread to communities that are otherwise closed to the Gospel message.”

 Click on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above to hear from both Lisa Karr and Scott Drury about how people from the Family Life listening area are providing clean water, restoring people’s health, and spreading the Good News of Jesus to people God loves. The podcast length is 23 minutes.

 Learn about World Hope International’s work digging wells and providing sanitation systems in developing countries.




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