Inside Out: What Really Helps the Global Poor

08.14.19 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Jesus asks us to spend ourselves on those who are out of place, or who are hungry, thirsty, naked, or are sick or in prison. And when we do this locally, often we have some idea if our efforts have benefit. But how do we decide if the checks we send to ministries working far away are having a long-term, positive impact?  

It turns out you can find the answer by listening to today’s podcast, because Bruce Wydick studies exactly that. He's a development economist, professor, author, and novelist. His new book, Shrewd Samaritan, discusses effective ways to care for people living in poverty. 

Join us (by clicking on LISTEN or DOWNLOAD above) to hear why Bruce believes we should be Shrewd Samaritans (and what that means), how our giving can help with the crisis on the US-Mexico border, and whether our dearest poverty interventions measure up under scientific scrutiny. 

Wydick and others have found that child sponsorship is the most effective intervention with long-term benefit. Because of that, he encourages people to multiply the positive impact by banding together with others to sponsor children in a single local community. This link can help your church begin that kind of partnership with a church in Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala to bring hope to an entire community.


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