Inside Out: Thanksgiving Living

11.22.17 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We rekindle gratitude this time of year. We’re mindful, again, of all we have and how much less others have. And we weave generosity with that gratitude by packing shoeboxes with plush toys to delight children, ringing bells to keep the Salvation Army reaching out, and culling through our closets to gather and give coats to keep others warm. 

We give in response to the call of Jesus to invite in the stranger, visit the prisoner, and share with the hungry, thirsty, naked, and sick.

But what if Jesus’ call is less seasonal and more seamless—and more risky and awkward? That’s the theme of my conversation with writer D. L. Mayfield, author of (among many other things) the Christianity Today article "Jesus Wants an Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner."

“We should just naturally be having some awkward mealtimes,” she says, “because we’ve extended our table or we’ve been invited to tables where there’s some real differences. And it should be an ongoing, life-long journey to being in relationship with people who maybe experience need.”

Choose the DOWNLOAD or LISTEN icon above to hear our 15-minute conversation about following Jesus into long-term, give-and-take relationships with people unlike ourselves. 

The audio for our conversation will need your full attention, but I believe what D. L. has to say will reward the effort. 

After hearing what she has to say, here’s a way to read her Christianity Today article "Jesus Wants an Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner."


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