Inside Out: Tackling Loneliness

10.21.20 | Martha Manikas-Foster

If you feel lonely, it might help to know you’re not the only one, says author and LifeWay Kids Director Jana Magruder. At the start of the pandemic, Magruder wrote that the self-isolation we were heading into could compound the epidemic of loneliness already documented around the world.  

All these months later I checked in with Magruder to ask how we might thrive as the pandemic continues.

“Even in the midst of your own lonely feelings,” she says, “push yourself to reach out to someone, whether that’s the person next door, whether that’s the people in your house, whether that’s phone calls and letters to loved ones that live far away that you’re not going to get to see during the pandemic. Do that.”

Enough of us feel isolated that the people we contact will be glad for the call, she says. And even if it takes a lot of effort, when we reach out, others feel less lonely and we feel less isolated.

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Read Magruder’s March 2020 blog post “When Loneliness Meets Self-Isolation.”

Learn more about Jana Magruder.




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