Inside Out: Preventing Dementia

08.15.18 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We know people wrestling with dementia. It’s likely we think this will be our future, too, if we live to be elderly.     

But Dr. Timothy Jennings says that’s just not so. Late-onset dementia is not inevitable. 

“Dementia is not normal aging. So if anybody has the idea that if you live long enough you will get dementia, that’s not true.” 

Jennings is a Chattanooga-based psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist. His newest book is “The Aging Brain,” and for him the subject’s personal. He and his wife have watched her mother join the five million Americans and 50 million people worldwide who are living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other late-onset dementias. 

Still Jennings’s message is upbeat—even for people like his wife, who is at higher risk of developing the disease. 

“The good news is you don’t have to ever get in that circumstance,” he says. “Even if you have a family history of late life onset of Alzheimer’s dementia, you can actually make choices to prevent this from happening.” 

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Learn more about Jennings’s book, The Aging Brain

Find information and support by contacting the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America


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on 08.16.18 Des Ward commented

My wife was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at 56, she is now 60 and has deteriorated a lot since diagnosed. I have tried many so called herbal remedies without any change, I was told by a doctor that her condition is more than likely genetic, her mother suffered and finally died of Alzheimer’s, hers was late onset. I know ther are many advocating diet changes, however there seems to be a line between enjoying food, or changing to a strict diet that would cause conflict, also from what I have read ther seems to be no real research to prove its success. Can you give me any advice.

on 08.29.18 Martha commented

Des, thank you for listening and writing. I have sent an email to Dr. Jennings to ask him to respond to your message here.
May God give you wisdom and friends who both help and support you.

on 08.29.18 Dr. Timothy Jennings commented

I speak about early onset Alzheimer’s briefly in the book. It is due to 1 of three different gene defects and little is known about it, and thus very little to do. The lifestyle changes advocated in the book are likely to have very little impact on the course of the early onset form. And I state in the book that what is discussed is for the late onset form, not the early onset form.

Dr. J




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