Inside Out: Prepare for Empty Nest

If you’re launching your final child after graduation this year, the idea of an empty nest might frighten you. It’s also possible the idea delights you. Either way, Susan Yates says this can be the most fruitful season of life. 

 “If we can see the empty nest as a brand new, clean piece of paper--an opportunity to do something really exciting--that gives us vision and gives us purpose,” Yates says.

 Feeling comfortable in this new phase of life can take time. The empty nest years are nothing like any of the parenting seasons that came before, Yates says. Toddlerhood and even adolescence had a kind of definition, with a beginning and an end.

 “The empty nest, however, is a lot more like Jell-O,” she says. “It sort of gets in a mold, then leaks out and you think you’ve got it organized and it leaks out again. So, it’s a very long season, with lots of ups and downs, but also with a lot of joy.”

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Learn about the book Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest, by Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates.



 Check out Susan Yates’s website.


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