Inside Out: Peace in Anxious Times

11.04.20 | Martha Manikas-Foster

In unpredictable times it can be hard for Christians to focus on what is true: that God is not anxious about the state of the world, even when we are.

“Life in 2020 has felt more uncomfortable to more Americans and more people in our world than I think it has in a very long time,” says Julie Gillies, author of the new book Prayers to Calm Your Anxious Heart.

“Most of us are unaccustomed to seeing the upheaval and unrest and the very legitimately concerning events: the coronavirus, the riots, just everything,” she says.

Gillies knows it’s tempting to begin to think that God doesn’t care, “but the truth is God does hear. He hears every prayer,” she says. “He cares about the anxiety in our souls. That’s what the Psalms say.”

If you find you’re leaning toward anxiety—or even if you aren’t—choose the DOWNLOAD or LISTEN option above to join us for our 10-minute conversation about upheaval, discomfort, and God’s steady presence.


Learn more about Julie Gillies and her books.


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