Inside Out: Loneliness, the Church, and COVID-19

10.07.20 | Martha Manikas-Foster

The epidemic of loneliness didn’t start with Covid-19. But our social distancing is magnifying the loneliness for people who were already feeling isolated because of age, disability, or grief.

“Grief is a very lonely experience,” says writer, mother, and recent widow Clarissa Moll. “It’s hard for people to understand who haven’t endured it themselves. And the pandemic really cut us off from the physical support systems that we had enjoyed.”

Moll became a widow suddenly last summer, only months before the pandemic hit and social distancing became a way of life. Here in our nine-minute conversation she describes how her church stays connected with her family—and how we can work to do the same for lonely people in our lives.

“I think the thing that people who feel alone need most is the encouragement of those among them who say, ‘Hey, you’re not as alone as you think you are. I’m carrying a different burden, but I’ll walk with you,’” she says.

“They know that God is with them, but they also need to know that people are with them, too.”

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