Inside Out: Keeping Thanks in Thanksgiving

11.20.19 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Most of us break from our routine at Thanksgiving to gather, feast, and give thanks. We can love the turkey and pumpkin pie, but is there a way for people who love Jesus to keep gratitude to God central in our celebrations? 

“I view every holiday as an opportunity for Christ-followers to model for the world a different way to celebrate,” says author Lettie Kirkpatrick Whisman. “And Thanksgiving is no exception to that.” 

Whisman’s the author of four books, including Taking Back Christmas and Other Family Celebrations

“For Thanksgiving I would love to see families serve up more than turkey and fixings,” she says. “I would love to see us celebrate by joining the psalmist in truly entering into God’s gates with thanksgiving.” 

Join us to hear practical ways to keep thanks in our Thanksgiving, as well as how to serve people who find it painful to celebrate.  

The twice-widowed Whisman knows the pain first-hand.  

“Every holiday, and Thanksgiving is no exception, there are people who just do not feel like celebrating,” she says. “I’ve had holidays that I just wanted to go away. But God shows up through other folks who love Jesus.” 

Our 13-minute conversation includes stories about how people tailor-made their service to meet Whisman’s need. Just choose the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD option above. 

You can also learn about Lettie Kirkpatrick Whisman and her books. Whisman has been widowed two times, and you will see on her website that her name is variously listed as Kirkpatrick, Burress, and Whisman


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