Inside Out: Is Our Stuff Crowding Out God?

02.12.20 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Could decluttering help us grow closer to God?

It could, if we’re living at the mercy of over-stuffed homes and personal calendars, says author and speaker Janice Mayo Mathers.  

“The biggest downside to too much clutter is what it does to us spiritually,” she says. “That’s the biggest thing.”

Mail on the kitchen counter or disorganized shoes by the door aren’t going to jeopardize our relationship with God. But if the stuff we have and the schedules we’ve built distract us from our highest priorities, it’s time to make changes.

“Somehow, when you start to tackle these issues, even in small ways, you stop feeling at the mercy of your schedule, or at the mercy of your surroundings,” she says. “And that right there, for me at least, is an incredible motivator.”

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Learn about Janice Mayo Mathers by going to her website.

“It’s all connected. And it’s beautifully connected,” she says. “And I do think the key is really making God a part of this whole process. Because He did come. He sent Jesus so that we could have life and have it more abundantly.”


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