Inside Out: Growing Up Disciples

03.13.19 | Martha Manikas-Foster

When Christian kids move away from home, many move away from Jesus. They may have attended a thriving youth group, but they may not have grown a faith with roots. 

“In the church, students are falling away because they were never fully devoted disciples of Jesus,” says Brandon Hilgemann. Hilgemann’s a pastor, author, husband and father, and the founder of the ProPreacher website and blog. 

Hilgemann knows youth ministry. He attended youth group as a kid and later volunteered as a leader. After college he worked as a youth minister in churches in several states. And from everything he’s seen, youth ministry hasn’t really changed in a couple of decades. 

“Most, but not all, youth ministries--they’re very event oriented,” he says. “There’s a lot of hype about the program: the games and the prizes, the camps that they do, the fun trips, concerts, the food that they’re going to have that night, or the occasional mission trip or service project.” 

Event-style youth groups can bring teens in contact with Jesus, but it takes something more to help fans become followers, he believes. Teens will have the opportunity to grow roots to their faith when they’ve been connected with mature mentors, and when their parents feel equipped to integrate faith into the everyday of homelife.    

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 Connect to Brandon Hilgemann at his website Pro Preacher.  



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