Inside Out: Go Work with Others

04.26.17 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Does your church partner with local service groups to help your community? Author, blogger, and small church pastor Karl Vaters thinks it should.

“There are very few things like uniting around a common goal that opens people up to hearing what the other person has to say,” Vaters says.

There was a time when Vaters’s church pitched in on service projects exclusively with churches of the same denomination. It later expanded to work with other denominations. But today Vaters believes it’s essential for churches to get out and partner with secular groups on community service projects.

“By going along with secular community groups, by helping them out, we put ourselves in places where the light of the Gospel can go--even if it’s shining barely. A small light in a very dark room has impact,” he says.

Listen to our 15-minute conversation about how these partnerships help the community and build and contribute to the mission of the church. You can do this by clicking on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above.

Read Karl Vaters’s Pivot blog that inspired this conversation: “8 Reasons Churches Should Partner with Secular Community Groups.”

Follow his Pivot blog.

Learn about his book, The Grasshopper Myth.


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