Inside Out: Fear Better

04.27.16 | Martha Manikas-Foster

No one wants to live in fear. But when aid workers are kidnapped abroad, children are killed in school, and revelers are targeted at holiday parties, we could begin to see each encounter for its possible danger instead of its potential for joy. 

But maybe it’s the uncertainties of the day-to-day that really drive us to fear: our job prospects, our bank accounts, and the little that is left of the opportunities we had hoped our children would enjoy.

The Creator of the Universe assures us that He is in control. He tells us not to fear. The Holy Spirit of God lives in those who follow Christ, and that means our lives are to be flavored by God’s power, love, and self-discipline—not fear.

And still—at least sometimes—we’re afraid.

In our Inside Out conversation today, author, leadership coach, and speaker Amy Simpson reminds us that fear has its place in a dangerous world, but not as a lifestyle. We may find it difficult to “fear not,” but we can learn to “fear better.”

“There is a reason that God has placed us here. And when we can get worry and fear sort of into their rightful places, then we have room in our lives to pursue the purpose and mission that God has actually given us,” she says.

Click on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above to hear Amy talk about fear. She includes questions we can ask to remind ourselves that it is God, and not us, who is in control.


Read Simpson’s her.meneutics blog post, “If We Can’t ‘Fear Not,’ Let’s Fear Better.”

 Learn about her book Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry.


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