Inside Out: Crossing the Racial Divide

02.14.18 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We’re divided by race. But Jesus provides the motivation and the power for Christians to lead in the work of reconciliation. 

On today’s Inside Out podcast we talk about how that might happen--how Christians might live in unity with brothers and sisters unlike ourselves, and live out what we say we believe: that God loves everyone He’s created, and as followers of Jesus, we do too. 

My guest for this conversation is Dan Crain, a native of Bumpville, PA, who lives in Atlanta and works with the Christ-centered, peace-building non-profit Remerge. Dan also works with the curriculum Dignity Serves to help equip and connect churches, ministries, and businesses to live out the reconciling work of Christ. 

In our 25-minute conversation, Dan talks about how God’s church might live out Jesus’ prayer that His followers live in unity (the prayer is found in the Gospel of John, chapter 17). Crain encourages us to educate ourselves about the realities of racism, and then begin to spend time with people who are unlike ourselves.  

It’s going to be messy. But guess what? The Gospel is messy. Community is messy,” he says. “And it’s the willingness to stick in there, right? It’s the willingness to be one in Christ.” 

As you listen, Dan refers to this list of resources: 

Learn about the mission of Remerge. You can contact Dan through this site.

Learn about the Dignity Serves curriculum

Learn about Be the Bridge

Learn about the book Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America

Read the article Divided by Faith?

Learn about the Wayne Gordon and John M. Perkins and book Do All Lives Matter?


Learn about Chris Lahr’s work in Philadelphia

Hear Chris Lahr’s sermon What Can White People Do About Racism?


Learn about Eric Mason’s work at Epiphany Fellowship

Hear Eric Mason’s sermon Breaking Free from Strongholds

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