Inside Out: Challenging Assault

10.18.17 | Martha Manikas-Foster

One in four American women will be sexually assaulted.  

Changing those stats will require talking about a crime that actually has the effect of silencing its survivors. 

My guest for this Inside Out podcast is Halee Gray Scott, who says that efforts to bring this crime out into the open got a boost this summer from Taylor Swift. That’s when the recording artist spoke boldly about her experience during a court case against the DJ who assaulted her. 

“She decided to make a point and say, ‘Look, this person sexually assaulted me, and I want to make this known.’” 

Scott, a survivor of sexual assault, has written about the case for Christianity Today. In this Inside Out podcast we talk about the importance of knowing how assault survivors feel, teaching prevention in a positive way, and valuing other humans the way God values them. 

This podcast is best suited for a mature audience. To listen, click on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above. 

Read Halee Gray Scott’s article “Taylor Swift Breaks the Silence.” 

Connect with Dr. Halee Gray Scott on her website.


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