Inside Out: Celebrate ALL of Christmas

12.21.16 | Martha Manikas-Foster

After all the anticipation for Christmas, the day comes and goes in a flash. Every year we intend to celebrate Christ’s birth by living as He did—feeding and visiting and caring for others. Most years, though, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.  

But there is a way to extend the celebration—and honor Jesus in the process.

Andie Roeder Moody suggests going back to the ancient Christian practice of celebrating Christmas for 12 days. One of her articles for Christianity Today is titled, "Always Advent and Never Christmas?"

“We’ve all heard the song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas.’ That comes from the fact that Christians have celebrated a 12-day feast of Christmas for many hundreds of years,” she explains.

Many Christians have rediscovered the 30-day season of Advent that precedes Christmas. After spending four weeks preparing their hearts for the coming of Jesus, there’s energy behind wanting to celebrate Christmas for more than one day.

“I just think that we’re missing out on something and we should extend the celebration,” she adds. “If we’re going to observe the fast part of it, we should have the whole feast as well.”

And if you happen to be someone who ends each December wishing you’d spent more time listening to lonely friends, visiting more shut-ins, or feeding more hungry people, extending the celebration of Christmas beyond one day might sound exactly like the way Jesus would want you to celebrate.


Join us for our 15-minute conversation about why and how we might do this. Just click on the DOWNLOAD or LISTEN icon above.

Read Moody’s article that prompted the conversation:  “Always Advent and Never Christmas?

“This should be fun! The Christian life is about joy,” she reminds us, “and we have something tremendous to be joyful about!”


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