Inside Out: A Jesus Christmas, Even Now

12.20.17 | Martha Manikas-Foster

We can count the hours until Christmas. That may be discouraging if the journey this year hasn’t been as Jesus-focused as you’d hoped. You may have had plans to read aloud a family Christmas devotional or light an Advent wreath together each week. But concerts and parties and package wrapping took over. 

“I really think that most Christians that I know go into the Christmas season with really good intentions and they have every intention of making Christ the center of it and really focusing on what’s really most important,” says my guest Scott James. James is a pastor, pediatrician, author, and father of four. 

“It’s just such a hectic time, that I think that a lot of the things that we get involved with end up taking priority,” he says. 

But it’s not too late. We can still help our families understand the baby who slept in a feed trough in the context of the whole story of Jesus, the promised One who people waited for for years and years.    

“It’s never too late to do it, so whatever fits in best with the rhythms of your family and your children,” he says. “I would recommend just taking some time to focus on the backstory. I would focus on the promises of the coming of Christ.” 

Scott James gives more details in our 15-minute conversation. You can listen by choosing the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above. 

Learn about Scott James’s family Christmas devotional book, The Expected One

Learn about his Christmas picture book, The Littlest Watchman





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