Inside Out 99: Disordered Eating

06.08.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Book Cover: Big Thights, Tight JeansWe eat for lots of reasons, and many of them are good. But if we eat--or if we refrain from eating--to medicate anxiety, find companionship or punish ourselves, we’re eating in a way that is disordered. 

As many as 11 million Americans find themselves in the grips of eating disorders that can be medically diagnosed. An even greater number approach food in a way that is disordered, using food as a tool to resolve emotional issues--something food was never designed to address.

Ann Capper joins us in this conversation about food, life and the love of God. Ann is a registered dietitian, author of the novel Big Thighs, Tight Jeans and the nutrition editor of, a Christian health and wellness organization that focuses on eating and body image issues.

Listen in on our conversation--and leave a comment--as we talk about finding our identity in the God who redeems every situation and loves us each with an everlasting love. 

Find out more about approaching food and life in a balanced way at by clicking here.


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on 06.08.11 Amy commented

This was so wonderful and helpful. Thank you so much! I have spend most of my life depending on food to cope, and also being careless and boundaryless in my eating. I have a terrible emotional attachment to food, and beginning a weight loss program was very difficult. However, two loving friends confronted me this past January, when I was at 270 pounds. I have two auto-immune disorders, and trouble with my back and knees. The weight was only making me worse and I feared not even being able to walk by my 37th birthday in May. I did not have the strength or courage, or even the desire to learn to eat properly and lose that weight that would help me to feel better. The temporary "fixes" were better than the great amount of time it would take to lose the weight - again. I think I even thought..."why, I'll just gain it back again." Praise the Lord for my two friends...and now the many others who are supporting me. Praise the Lord for pulling me out of something I could not do myself and giving me people who would encourage me, hold me accountable, teach me, and put up with me through the withdrawl and detoxing. I am so thankful to the Lord that I can tell you that I've lost 50 pounds by His grace and strength. I made it to my 37th birthday and now past it. I'm still walking! I had to get new clothes three sizes smaller, and I continue to lose. It sure isn't easy a lot of days. I miss the sugar, the sweets, the coffee. I used to be a professional baker/cake eating healthy and learning to separate food from fellowship or enjoyment has been a challenge. Learning to know when I'm really hungry or full has been a challenge. It's hard to shake the "I'm missing out on something" attitude when I see others enjoying a piece of cake or pie. I am learning to replace those thoughts with thoughts of how much God loves me and wants me to feel better. Right now, I'm not even able to have a little because I feel that I haven't made the separation yet between the physical and emotional reasons for eating. Maybe in a year or so...when I've reached my 110 pound weight loss goal (60 more to go!), I'll be able to introduce a few treats back into my diet. Right now though, it just feels so great to look in the mirror and not recognize who is looking back at me. To see how proud my family and friends are of me. The best thing is though, that I can only give the glory and praise to God. He did this. He sent my friends to help me, and He helped me. I was not willing, I was not able. "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me." Praise Him! I know that losing the rest won't be easy either, but I know it's worth it. I hope this will encourage even one struggling soul. God can do anything...God loves you so much and wants to help you! No, food cannot love us back - like Ann said - but God can and He will....forever.

May God give us all strength and courage,

on 06.09.11 Martha commented

Thanks, Amy, for encouraging others with your story and your experience of the faithful companionship of God--and the people God has send your way :)




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