Inside Out 98: When The Word Leads Your Pastoral Search

06.07.11 | Kurt Goff

Book Cover: When the Word Leads Your Pastoral SearchThere really isn’t a more important decision for members of the local church than who will lead them.  This is the shepherd we will follow as he follows The Good Shepherd.  Maybe your church is looking for a lead pastor right now.  There’s a huge hole to fill and you feel a great need to find a replacement as soon as possible.

Like maybe…yesterday. 

Hold on!  Don’t panic!  God has just the right person for this work of His, but what role will the congregation play? What about prayer, a pastoral search committee?  How do we evaluate the preaching of the candidates?  What things will everyone need to keep in mind as the process moves on?

These can be uncharted waters and, yes, a healthy fear is in order, but avoiding the paralysis of analysis is equally important.

My friend Chris Brauns has come up with some wonderful biblical guidelines to help churches walk through the search process with confidence in the God who will provide just the right person at just the right time.

A great companion to the conversation you’ll hear is Chris’ book When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search.  Click here to see more info on the book.

Also, be sure check out his blog A Brick in the Valley.



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