Inside Out 84: Narnia & Beyond

05.17.11 | Kurt Goff

Are you a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia books and films? Me too! Voyage of the Dawn Treader came out on DVD not too long ago and the thought crossed my mind that it might be nice to have Michael Flaherty from Walden Media with us.

Walden is the production company responsible for the Narnia films as well as many other family friendly movies. My personal favorite is Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce’s efforts to abolish the slave trade in the British Empire.

Michael is a co-founder of Walden and a follower of Jesus Christ. Considering how much media impacts our culture, God has placed Michael in a key position to represent him. Does he feel the weight of all this? What role does his faith play in picking what movies will be made? Which ones will not? What about the stereotype of the “cheesy Christian film”. How does he feel about that? Is it true the next Narnia film will be The Magician’s Nephew?

Being a follower of Jesus means we all have a unique role to play. We can learn so much from those living out that reality in a world that continues to harden its heart toward the Gospel!


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on 05.17.11 Scott J. Payne The Undragoned) commented

When Inside Out began airing at 12:30 I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to listen to Chip Ingraham on my lunch hour. BOY WAS I SURPRISED!!!! I really enjoy Inside Out and especially enjoyed today's interview with Michael Flaherty . I am a HUUUGE!!! Narnia fan, and I love the fact that he is a Christian, making great movies.
I have a Narnia blog that concentrates on the Christian aspect of the books and movies.

Keep up the great programming.
~Scott(The Undragoned)

on 05.24.11 Susan Burke commented

I Have been reading the chronicles of Narnia since 1973,& love the message C.S. Lewis passed on in his stories. I really hope the movies stay in the order of the books. Those of us who have read the books, I can assure you, have read them over, and over again many times always in the same order! The order they came in the 7 book box set!
Thank you for making these treasures come to life, & God Bless

on 02.14.12 Roger Wedding commented

I love Chronicles of Narnia books and films. Thank you for sharing this, much appreciated... Roger, expert of colored wedding dresses and dresses to wear to a wedding.




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