Inside Out 73: Paws for Reflection

04.29.11 | Kurt Goff

I need to confess something up front. I’m a dog lover. Always have been. Always will be. My two long-haired dachshunds, Kirby and Dudley, are a real joy...except when it’s 14 degrees below zero with two feet of snow on the ground and I have to take them out...

Just kidding.

They’re worth it! And I really believe God thinks so too. Marion Wells has a series of books out called Paws for Reflection. They’re filled with snapshots of how God uses our dogs (and cats) to teach us more about His ways. That is... if we’re willing to paws long enough to notice.

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on 04.29.11 Sabrina commented

Recently my Mom passed away and needless to say..I cry a lot. When I do, my cats ( I have two) come to me right away and you know it is because they feel my emotion and want to comfort me. This is only one of many reasons God created them. My dog, Armando, the same thing the other day. I was sitting on my couch crying,talking to the Lord and this big, beautiful 80 lb lab got right up and put each paw on my shoulders and started to lick my head. I did not teach him that. He was sitting across the room. Naturally, this made me cry even more, but tears of joy that this buddy of mine was using his God given ability to respond to my broken heart. There are many broken hearts out there and when all your loved ones are dying one by one..sometimes they are all you have. That's another reason God made them. And the Lord so creatively made it so "everyone" who wants to can enjoy them. If you can only have an apartment, there's our precious cats..they don't need much room. Or the little dogs for that same reason. Or athletic people like our family..we've got the sports dog. You know where I am going with this. I thank the Lord always for my pets. I teach our children to do the same! And I never let anyone say that humans or animals are here by chance. Taking my dog for walks has allowed me to share the gospel. And one more thing..because in our home we serve the Lord..when our dog hears "Dear Jesus." he bows and waits until we say Grace, then, and only then does he get his meal. It's the least I can do to show the Lord how grateful I am for His beautiful gift :-) God bless.




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