Inside Out 71: Human Rights in an Era of Unrest

04.27.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

This podcast includes disturbing stories of human trafficking involving children. We ask that you please monitor who listens to this podcast in your home.

Do you find you're Googling maps of North Africa and the Middle East more frequently than, say, six months ago? I do. The Tunisian revolution and the season of political unrest it initiated leave me wondering many things, not the least of which is "Why didn't I already know the location of Bahrain?"

My questions revolve around more than geography. I've been thinking about human rights in this age of unrest. What will each of these revolutions --- in each of these countries --- mean for "the least of these," whoever the "least of these" prove to be? When the political balance of power realigns here or shifts there, will a people group find that it has been deprived of basic rights? If so, could this be prevented? 

I am still looking for answers to some of my questions --- answers that will be built upon the foundation Bethany Hoang develops during the conversation captured in this podcast. Bethany is the Director of the International Justice Mission Institute, an arm of the Christian organization known for its work fighting human trafficking in the Global South --- what many of us might otherwise call the Developing World.  And though none of IJM’s offices are located in the countries routinely occupying the headlines, IJM has roots in Africa; the ministry was born of founder Gary Haugen's work after the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Join us for our conversation about the rule of law, God's heart for the oppressed and some of the ways today's headlines could mobilize American Christians to work for justice in the world. After that you might want to log on to IJM's website. There you'll find resources on human rights concerns in the Global South, ways to receive updates that can inform your prayers, and even a tool to help evaluate justice concerns right here at home. A trip to the website will also give you details on the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and on the IJM Institute's May 5-7, 2011 Mighty Waters conference coming up in Pasadena, California


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on 04.27.11 Dan Graber commented

Very good program. Glad to know IJM exists. Glad to hear of success stories. Glad that there was some connection to us here in North America. Glad for the prayer conversation - very good.
Glad for the push for ways we can get involved and informed. Glad that evangelicals are more interested in justice issues than in the past.

I appreciated the "rule of law" focus, but appreciated more the comments about Biblical standards. For me that's more important than various countries legal systems because - rule of law standards and language is often very different than what happens where injustice occurs and compassion is lacking. And rule of law often leaves out common sense and compassion, like here in the US a mother facing up to 20 years in jail for registering her child in a school, using a friends address. Yes she was misrepresenting herself, but just take a look at the school she should have put her child in - and the one she put her child in. Where is the justice in this situation?

on 04.27.11 Ray Timmermans commented

"Justice is central to the heart of God" - Excellent! We cannot simply be talkers about it, we have to be doers of it. "It is part of our discipleship." Thank you for bringing to my attention. What a wonderful interview! Not enough praise possible!

Community Justice Assessment tool sounds promising for helping to assess needs/problems in our local area.

"Inextricable relationship between living lives of justice" and proclamation of God's word. Excellent comment!

on 04.28.11 david commented

loved that prayer wasn't marginalized, but central to helping the trafficked. Too often we end up in a "camp" of either pietism or activism. God's heart is that we seek Him and work toward justice.




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