Inside Out 70: No Place for Abuse

04.26.11 | Kurt Goff

Domestic violence is a leading cause of injury and death to women worldwide. Nearly one in four women around the globe is physically or sexually abused in her lifetime, and gender violence causes more death and disability among women aged 15 to 44 than cancer, malaria, traffic accidents or war.

Regrettably, the church is not immune to this problem.

Numerous studies suggest that incident rates among active churchgoers are nearly the same as those among the general populace. And by the way, domestic violence victims can be men too.

Nancy Nason-Clark is the co-author of an excellent book on domestic violence from a Christian, biblical perspective. It’s called No Place for Abuse. In my conversation with Nancy we discuss:

  • The gravity and extent of the problem worldwide
  • What Scripture says about domestic violence, including verbal abuse and patterns of concealment, secrecy and silence
  • How proper concerns for Christian families can be twisted to endanger women and their children
  • An assessment of alternatives to suffering in silence in a threatening environment

There is hope! If you are a victim of domestic violence and need to talk with someone call our FOCUS Counseling Department at 800-927-9083.


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on 04.26.11 Pat Geis commented

I am listening to your program as I write. I lost my oldest daughter to domestic violence will be 11 yrs. July 1st the yr (2000) Family Life may remember it was in Stewart Part Ithace N.Y. We are raising their 4 children (our grandchildren)the ages then were 2yrs, 4yrs, 5yrs and 7yrs.The hurt never goes away.... Domestic Violence is a serious ploblem that needs to be addressed, thank you for what you are doing.!!!!! The dad is in prison 25yrs to life, want you to know that God is good through it all and with his grace we have forgiven him 10yrs ago. God Bless you and family life for all that you do, my radio is on 24 7 you were my life line through it all and my song became (like many others)Praise You In This Casting Crowns I did then still do now and always will praise God no matter what I go through!!!!

on 04.26.11 patty Goss commented

Hi Kurt, I wanted to leave a comment about Domestic Violence. I know that I have given my testimony on fln about my bad marriage. I battled physical and emotional and verbal abuse in my marriage. I know that with God's help I am getting past it. I didn't realize until after my divorce that my ex-husband moved me away from my family and I couldn't make friends. I thought there was something wrong with me. But I found out later that it wasn't me. God brought a wonderful lady in my life and she brought me back to putting my hope in God. She saw how my ex-husband was treating me and she told me that God willnot let it to continue. I was working on my marriage and hoping that my ex would change, but I finally realized that he was not going to change because in his eyes he was doing nothing wrong. So when I realized and God let me know that my ex was not going to change God gave me a way out. Now I am divorced and God has given me a brand new life. I thank you for wanting to talk about this. It is a difficult message to talk about. Thank you for listening and for others wanting to listen.




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