Inside Out 7: The Pastor's Coach

10.11.10 | Kurt Goff

I love pastors.

When I think of them... I also think about these words from Isaiah:

 Isaiah 35:3-4 (ESV)
 “Strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees. Say to those who have an anxious heart, "Be strong; fear not!...”

Pastors have an awesome and privileged responsibility to serve and lead God’s people.

But they also face unique challenges.

One example: Always giving out without taking in.

Soul shrinkage can be a very real danger.

They hear the messages from the media: Many Christian churches are closing their doors... very little life change is being reported among professing Christians, the disillusioned are leaving the institutional church etc.

Each October Family life Ministries hosts a Pastor’s Conference to encourage and bless these awesome and godly leaders.

A day to fill up.

This year it’s happening Thursday, October 28 here at the Family Life Center in Bath, New York.

Dan Reiland is the guest speaker.

He’s known as “The Pastor’s Coach”.

I spent some time talking with him about some major issues facing pastors and churches today.

*Can God still use my church even though it’s small?

*Are many committed Christians opting out of traditional church to start house churches?

*What about the pressure to grow the church, both internal and external?

We tackle those topics and more.

The conference is free but you need to register by October 22nd.

Here’s a link:

Remember: Sometimes even the strong can have “weak hands and feeble knees.”

God help us to do what we can to strengthen them!   


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on 09.24.12 Dale Ingraham commented

I followed your link to register for the pastor's conference and it took me to a page with info on the conference but no place to register.





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