Inside Out 65: Mission New England

04.19.11 | Kurt Goff

New England and the Northeast recently surpassed the Pacific Northwest as the least churched, least religious part of the United States. The land of the pilgrims, Jonathan Edwards, the Great Awakening and George Whitefield, beautiful old church buildings and white steeples.

A mission field. A tragic irony.

However the good news is that there are signs of life as dedicated Christ followers work daily to stand in the gap. They just need more help in the big cities and in the vast rural areas. Why aren’t we planting more Christ centered, Bible believing churches here?

Pastor Jared C. Wilson shares with us his “Top Ten Reasons Why New England Suffers For Mission”. Jared left the Bible-belt to pastor a small rural church in the least churched state in the least churched part of the country: Vermont. His insights are excellent! Check out his website too if you have time.


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